“The New Model is an evolution of the previous models, but for this one we’ve done a complete study for the balance, the performance, the position of the rig and the shape of the sails” says Germàn Frers. “According to the results of these studies, we designed the hull”. – German Frers, the architect

Draft telescopic: 

28,27 m
6,72 m
3,00 – 4,60 m
54.100 kg
“When you walk onto a boat, you should walk into a very comfortable, harmonious and magical place. This magic comes from the balance created between volume, geometries, architecture and materials.” – Misa Poggi, the interior designer
“Working on this project has been really inspiring for us, we reckon it would be a contemporary classic and a very best seller in the Swan history” – Vanni Galgani, Product Line Leader.